Work From Home No Home

DELIVERY OF DIPLOMAS, TACK. TICKING. you always work? Sometimes, it is just a persistent value, what you get. Whenever I'm afraid that my life has not progressed, I think about how I lived, how I wrote my first novel. It was hard work and dirty apartment with two roommates. In the course of the week, on a good night, I have seven years and come then home and eat tuna or soy raw cheese before sitting on my desk until midnight. I gave him more Saturday, as well as writing. Sunday was a wonderful version, but in the contrary work from home no home case, it was not much of a social life. He was often exhausted and despite some problems, constantly on the edge of financial disaster. I still remember a euphoric sense of Justice. I was pushed by a burning desire: I'm going to end this and never again to live. Finish and has changed my life completely, not much chance, but. He had money, but I need is no longer my work. I wrote already in the night while trying to fall asleep. Life had dreamed for a long time has been exceeded. But the euphoric feeling of Justice had disappeared.   If you are a writer or a Web Designer or a business owner, it means that you're there, the daily maximum duration of work defined the work for you. Now the new seemed luxurious control of my agenda control me.    Meanwhile, my freedom to make my own schedule had overwhelmed me. I tried and generates a system after another. I felt guilty for the game of dream while working and does not, when I played. Not really appreciate or more. Given that all my ideas on how traditional work have been trained, I felt that I dropped just: leave early when I work eight hours a day, because I couldn't write for eight hours at home? Similarly, in my life, I thought of entertainment as a reward for my work, and not as a charge for the period, while the ideas to germinate. My rhythms seemed to three hours before later in the day, with an option for more if it goes well, it will be just as legitimate unbroken option, if not to write; Records of sandwich in the fridge while it would not be spent trying to understand the time and energy, they have to eat; There were social projects with everyone, without exception! -before the 5 p. m.; an hour in the gym before dinner; no guilt for the evening and weekend, I'm going with my friend to rest. After acceptance of these decisions and a program established around them, I was surprised, I finished. And not only that, I felt again the sense of Justice.  A CareerHow to YourselfBegin more personal BoundariesAlternative how to configure the options for a traditional career work,.