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Laterna Magica is a software update that offers additional functions for the excellent Canon digital SLR cameras. We have an open structure, GPL-licensed, to develop official firmware extensions. Laterna Magica is no hack or a modified firmware, is a stand-alone application that is run by the Canon software. Every time, when you will start the magic lantern from camera memory card loaded. The only change was to use the software on your memory card. Laterna Magica is an improvement on the top of the Canon firmware, which frees your Canon DSLR camera, which allows you to use many useful functions. Originally, now developed for the filmmakers, features for photo and video enthusiasts, including audio, zebras, assignment, succession, motion detection tools and much more. An open (GPL) is a framework for developing extensions to the official software. It replaced not the magic of making up forum latest firmware, but instead runs along the side. It is not necessary to uninstall-easy format of your paper has to reset firmware Canon. Since September 2009 the software downloaded more than 1000 times, and there was no report of damage to cameras. There, though not absolute security guarantee stable versions have been tested by beta testers. To explore the risk that most cameras of developers in new and assess a lot of news about Canon firmware. At the time, installed in the mobile software development from beta testing, hundreds or thousands of times. If you are a programmer, specializing in assembling programming arm, embedded systems, GUI and not risk the camera's face, derive the source code, participate in forums, to edit the wiki and make improvements. If you can find a camera-a) shoots HD, b) has a range of 50 Mbit/s, c) have interchangeable lenses, d) has a 35 mm or larger sensor and e) costs less than $ 25 k (without lenses, such as the power of one), then buy this change. There are no limits to film a 5 d Mark II, including the limited 12 minutes of recording time and the lack of balanced audio inputs, but a ArriCam Lite records 5 minutes Super 35 and a quality preamp like the JuicedLink CX231 that provides balanced inputs. The lack of auto focus in video mode is not a problem-movies are focused manually, with the focus on how to follow the Cinevate durus. Thanks to your help, we have all of our financing needs to fall this time. Please note donations to the EFF for us because they do a great job for your digital rights, including the right to run third-party software on their devices to defend. This would have been impossible without their hard work on understanding your Canon cameras. Did you reverse-engineered hard on cameras blink raw machine code with only a LED and built a community on it. And since released under GPL license, we can learn from their efforts. ITU, high quality product, low cost and very compact tripod mounted on the traces of the shooting. It's amazing how much cinematic atmosphere trip added. Thanks to all of you the a donation via PayPal or through donations of hardware! You can donate via PayPal to help the project to do. .